Frederic Larrabee

Frederic ("Fritz") Larrabee was born November 3, 1872 in Clermont, Iowa.

He attended Columbia Law school in New York city and was a graduate of the collegiate and law department of Iowa State College in 1898 (later, ISU). While at Iowa, he was a member of the Iowa Batallion, a student military corps.

  Frederic on a Montauk porch with one of the family dogs.   A young Frederic (left) in front of Montauk  

He went to Fort Dodge in 1901 to join his bother Charles in the banking and livestock businesses. Both he and Charles practiced law. Frederic served in the Iowa Senate as a Senator from the Webster-Calhoun district in the 33rd, 34rd, 35th, and 36th Iowa Legislature from 1909 to 1917. He was also a delegate to the GOP National Convention in Cleveland in 1924. In 1929, he was elected president of the Iowa Dairy Association.

He was never married.

Frederic was very well travelled. Besides a grand tour of Europe and the Mideast in 1900, he embarked on an around the world tour in 1914 with his brother-in-law Don Love. They visited Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Ceylon.

He passed away on August 27, 1959 at age 87 following a lengthy illness.

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