Helen Larrabee

Helen Larrabee was born in Clermont, Iowa on November 30, 1876.

Helen was educated in Clermont schools, boarding schools in the East, and several years at the University of Iowa.

Helen met Charles Robbins when she visited her sister Julia in Lincoln. One of Julia's closest friends and neighbors was a University of Nebraska student, Edith Robbins. Her younger brother, Charles Burton, orphaned at age 14, had stayed with Julia and her husband Don Love.
Helen with her firstborn Anna Marcella  

On September 9, 1903, she married Colonel Charles Burton Robbins and moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Charles Robbins joined a Nebraska infantry unit, saw action in Manila during the Phillipine Insurrection, helped General Pershing chase down Pancho Villa in Mexico, and served in WWI.

In 1909, Charles was appointed to the superior court bench in Iowa. The Robbins' household was a most hospitable one and not only did the Judge and his wife occupy a most enviable position in the social circles of Cedar Rapids but were also widely known throughout the state.

Helen and Charles had 3 children: Anna, Julia, and Lewis.

Helen passed away on August 9, 1919 at age 43. She died from complications of brain surgery at Peter Kent Brigham hospital in Boston. She had a lengthy disease that resulted in the loss of sight in one of her eyes.

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