Augusta Larrabee

Augusta ("Gussie") Larrabee was born in Clermont, Iowa on May 21, 1864.

She was graduated from the University of Iowa and the Art Student's League in New York. She was a talented artist - an example of her work is the hand painted ceiling border in Montauk's music room.
  Augusta's Room with a sample of her work

On August 20, 1896 - at the age of 32 - she married Victor Dolliver who was 10 years her senior. (He was the brother of the noted US Senator from Iowa Jonathon Dolliver.) Augusta & Victor went on an extended business trip/honeymoon to the east.

Augusta - Wedding Portrait Victor & Augusta

Augusta Dolliver (Larrabee) passed away on March 14, 1897 in Minneapolis, Minnesota shortly after returning from her extended honeymoon of an itinerary of speaking engagements and a stop in Maine. Just 7 months after her marriage, she died from the grippe (flu) and complications.

A Des Moines newspaper remembered her: "Both the home and home-life were worth longing for. With all the comforts that this world can give, with all that art and music and literature can yield, with nature unattained outside and none but kind words within, it is no wonder that she thought more of Montauk than of the cares and worries of political and social life."
  Augusta's Headstone in God's Acre Cemetary in Clermont

Her husband passed in his sleep as mentioned in this excerpt from The Iowa Recorder in March of 1907:

"Victor B. Dolliver, aged 46, a brother of Senator Dolliver, was found dead in bed in Fort Dodge. He was found lying as if he had died while asleep. Dolliver was known in Iowa as a campaign orator, a business man, and a benefactor of Morningside college of Sioux City."

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